ESA BIC Greece Permanent Open Call [10.05.2021]

The Permanent Open Call for Proposals for the European Space Agency Business Incubation Center in Greece (ESA BIC Greece) for the period 2021-2025 was announced on 10 May 2021.

The purpose of this Call is to select projects and ideas for business incubation in the ESA BIC Greece for a maximum period of 24 months. Download the Open Call Package here.

Corallia, a Unit of the Research Center Athena is entrusted by ESA with the setup, administration and implementation of the ESA BIC Greece call.

The Call is permanently open. The applications can be submitted anytime until September 2025. However, there are fixed cut-off dates during the year when evaluation takes place for all applications submitted before a certain application deadline/cut-off date, to decide who will be accepted in the incubation program. Application deadlines/Cut-off dates are announced on the News section of

ESA BIC Greece offers to support projects and ideas for business incubation by providing funding, business support, technical assistance, access to office accommodation, an extensive network of supporters and right of use of the ESA BIC brand.

The incentive will be maximum 50,000 EURO in cash (non-equity funding) covering costs incurred for Product/Service Development (e.g., components, prototypes, software, third-party expertise, market research and validation), IPR (e.g. patenting or acquiring licenses). The incentive has to be spent on third parties and cannot be spent on direct labour costs of the entrepreneurs or office costs. The incentive shall be spent in Greece unless the product/service is not available in Greece. This incentive does not have to be paid back; it is provided without sales tax but may be subject to income tax.

In addition to the cash incentive, the ESA BIC Greece provides the Incubatees with a maximum of 80 hrs technical support necessary for and directly related to the activity of the Incubatee, 50 hours of business development support and 10 hours of IPR/legal advice. The Support will be provided for the duration of the Incubation and is offered on a best effort basis.

Incubation will take place at Corallia’s facilities at Kifissias Ave. 44, 15125 Maroussi, Attica, Greece. It involves the fully equipped Innovation Hub of Athens (innohub).

Applications can be submitted by legal entities established in Greece (not older than five years), and natural persons, who are resident with a working permit within Greece. Natural persons are required to demonstrate that, at the time of submission of their proposal to the Open Call, the process of establishment and registration of a legal entity has been initiated. Additionally, if a legal entity has not been established/registered yet, the applicant shall provide the envisaged organisational structure, the desired legal status and share ownership, if applicable, of the company. Non-compliance with such requirements will lead to the proposal being ruled non-admissible. A Contract with an applicant can only be signed when the registration of the corresponding legal entity has been completed and, said legal entity acquires full legal capacity.

Read the Permanent Open Call and Apply now here.

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