ESA BIC Greece

ESA BIC Greece is the place for entrepreneurs, start-ups, SMEs, researchers and students to improve life on Earth through the commercialization of innovative space-enabled products and services in promising areas of the economy.

The ESA BIC Greece Incubation Program will take place at Corallia’s facilities at Kifissias Ave. 44, 15125 Maroussi, Athens, Greece.


The innohub has a fully equipped Incubation area, where residents share common premises and thus offers a cost-effective place to set-up new businesses. The innohub offers dedicated offices with exclusive access and usage or co-working spaces. All dedicated offices come fully furnished and are available in various sizes ranging from 25 sq.m. up to 150 sq.m. All offices are provided with free wi-fi access, air conditioning, full maintenance & daily cleaning, parking spots, dedicated internet access leased-lines, cloud storage services. etc.

The facility also offers a Business Center at the disposal of all visitors and tenants. The available infrastructure constitutes a networking hub that attracts visitors, international business delegations, media groups, high tech companies and innovation start-ups. The meeting rooms of the Business Center, are suitable to host business meetings, seminars, training sessions or any other meetings, depending on client needs. 
All meeting rooms have audiovisual equipment available as well as high speed Wi-Fi.

A modern Innovation Café brings start up buzz at the Innohub, characterized by cooperative in a friendly climate. It is bright, with unique atmosphere, possessing an open space, idea hosting casual dining a variety of events. 

The facilities have operational infrastructures with Videocon systems as well as computing infrastructures, including computer rooms that already host a variety of applications and services, wireless and wired network infrastructure, laboratory and technology infrastructure, including digitisation infrastructure, multimedia production facilities, as well as audio-visual processing studios, robotics, industry 4.0 and artificial intelligence infrastructure.


Navigate funding options

Become familiar with the funding landscape and the access to finance process

Start up with €50,000

Financial support (incentive) of EUR 50,000 in cash (non-equity funding)

Consult our Team

At least 10 hours of IPR/legal advice & the right of use of the ESA BIC brand

Get office space

Access on favorable terms to office space and shared facilities at the Innovation Hub of Athens

Get support

80 hours Technical support of the most experienced Incubator Team in Greece that has supported successfully >300 start-ups

Learn business essentials

50 hours training on entrepreneurship in the form of a bootcamp and customized workshops & access to financial instruments targeted to start-ups

software access

Access to software platforms infrastructure, software packages and licenses, satellite imagery products, photogrammetry infrastructure, etc. and high-speed connectivity and cloud services from free to preferential price

technical access

High-end infrastructure, equipment & resources, specific expertise, HW labs, manufacturing facility, clean rooms, quality control facilities, electronics facilities, services in mechanical analysis, ASIC design services, EGSE infrastructure and testbeds, etc.

Join our community

Access to the international network of ESA, ESA Space Solutions Alliance and Network & to the extensive Network of Corallia, the si-Cluster Members and the ESA BIC support partners